Mission & Core Values


Our Mission: The relentless pursuit to challenge,

communicate, create and connect learning.

Core Values

POSITIVE INTENT: as a core value we will seek out others with the presupposed notion they are operating with good intentions. We will be problem solvers and work towards win-win solutions. We will be active listeners and find the positives in others and situations. We will communicate with positive intent and use strategies to build this in others.

INTEGRITY: as a core value we will be role models and instill ownership in ourselves and students to do the right thing and make positive choices. We will follow through and think of others as we make decisions and act upon decisions. We will build each other up and raise the quality of performance through accountability and progress monitoring.

ADAPTIVE AND RESPONSIVE: as a core value, will not change, but we are committed to being change agents with purpose. How we adapt and are responsive to change in people, demographics, technology, industry, will guide how we make decisions to increase student learning and achievement. We will be resourceful and promote students to be resourceful in their actions, thinking and learning.

PERSEVERANCE: (stick-to-itiveness) as a core value, is the motivation and passion in all that we do. We will not allow students to give up and not give up on students. It is finding new, innovative and different ways for students to demonstrate learning and proficiency.

HOPE: as a core value is not giving up on any individual. It is the relentless pursuit to build up strengths and exhaust all opportunities to remove barriers.

RESPECT: as a core value is the way we treat others through outward and inner communication and actions. It is our purposeful manner of our actions, communication, decision making, involvement and mind set of people and situations.

EQUITY: (≠ equal) as a core value, equity is creating opportunities for all kids. It is student and stakeholder voice and access to learning.

CITIZENSHIP: as a core value is working for collective efficacy and as a member of a larger purpose. We understand that giving back and making our school, community, country and world a better place will enhance our daily lives and our family's daily lives.