Summer Assignments

summer assignments

Welcome to AP Biology

AP Biology Summer Homework is due on the 1st day of school in August 2022.

AP BIO Campbell Biology in Focus 3rd Edition
AP Edition ISBN 0135214769

Aby Lisa Urry (Author), Michael Cain (Author), Steven Wasserman (Author), Peter Minorsky (Author), Rebecca Orr (Author)
Published by Pearson 2020

1. You must buy the following book using this link before you can complete the summer assignment. Book purchases via Saavas can take up to six weeks, so buy this book early in the summer. It is essential that you purchase the book using the link provided above (not via any other retailer), as purchasing through this link will include you in Saavas' online AP Biology class. We will be using the online class next year.

Be sure that the Saavas website says Legend High School before you begin, and use the ISBN # in red above to locate the correct text book/eBook package. This purchase will give you both the hardcover textbook and access to the eText which has lots of extras. The price is $173.77.

2. Read chapters 1 and 2 in the textbook. We will have a test on chapters 1, 2, and the summer math homework on the first Monday after Summer Break.

3. Complete the Summer Math work (14 questions) in the attachment:
APES Summer Math Assignment

4. Watch these 3 dimensional analysis and metric system videos: (no talk, just beats!)

Liz Caswell (LC)
Legend High School Science Teacher
[email protected]

Welcome to AP Chemistry


Zumdahl AP Chemistry 10th Edition
AP Edition ISBN-13- 978-1305957404 or ISBN-13 9781305957404

Steven S. Zumdahl, Susan A. Zumdahl, Donald J. Decoste
Published by 2018

Dear Future AP Chemistry Student,

Congratulations on your commitment to a challenging science course. Taking on AP Chemistry 
shows that you are dedicated to learning and are willing to sacrifice time, energy and brainpower to be successful in a college level course designed for science majors.

If the above paragraph does not describe you and you are not willing to complete the summer assignment, detailed lab reports, attend extra study sessions, complete book problems and practice AP free response questions then you need to choose a different science class for next year. 

Your first action as an AP Chemistry student is to purchase your book . One option is to find a former AP Chemistry student  AP Chemistry Book Sale and purchase their book (must have taken the course in the last three years, as we selected a new book). A second option is to purchase through  Make sure you purchase the correct edition (and that it isn’t the study guide). The best way to find the book is by searching Zumdahl Chemistry 10th Edition or by the ISBN-13: 978-1305957404 or ISBN-10: 9781305957404. If you want to confirm you are purchasing the right book/edition feel free to email us a screenshot of the book information and I can confirm that you selected the right one! The third(cheaper) option is to purchase a 1-year subscription to the digital copy of the book online at the following website: just make sure you select the option that allows you to access the book all year.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns. You can always email. 
us throughout the summer as you are working on your summer assignment.

We cannot wait to work with you next year!

Ms. Butler & Mr. Ciarvella

[email protected]

Summer Assignment Objectives 22-23:
AP Chemistry Summer Assignment
Nomenclature POGIL:
Nomenclature POGIL Document
Phase Change Problems Worksheet:
Phase Change Problems Worksheet

Welcome to AP Calculus BC 2022-2023

To give you the best chance at being successful this upcoming year, you are required
to complete a summer assignment regarding the first 3 units of Calculus BC. You
will be familiar with much of this content from your last quarter of Honors
Trig/Pre-Calc or Calc AB course last year. Before you can complete the summer
assignment you will have to first purchase your textbook. The following options are
available for you to purchase:

Bundle: Calculus for AP®, 2nd Student Edition + WebAssign (1-year access)
ISBN 13: 9780357492857

K12 WebAssign for Calculus for AP®, 2nd Edition (1-year access)
ISBN 13: 9780357520437

K12 Student Solutions Manual for Calculus for AP®, 2nd Edition
ISBN 13: 9780357520345

The only REQUIRED purchase for this course is the K12WebAssign for Calculus
for AP ($50).
This purchase will come with an online version of the textbook and is
also the program we will use primarily as our homework system. If you feel that not
having a hard copy textbook is needed this is all you need to purchase. If you feel
like you would benefit from a hardcopy textbook, you may buy the bundle option
($173.75), but this is not necessary.

Once you have purchased the textbook you will need the following WebAssign
Course ID: Legend.HS 9893 3874

Please go through all the sections and examples from Chapters 0,1 and 2. Make sure
you understand the material. Then, complete the practice problems assigned to you
on WebAssign. Please complete these assignments before returning to school in the
fall. We will take the first week of school to review this material and will be testing
over it week 2 or 3. If you have any questions please refer to the contact
information below to get a hold of me. Please allow 48 business hours for my reply.
Along with our summer assignment we will also need the following supplies for this

The following will be our course textbook and supplemental materials. Please follow the instructions below for purchasing options

 AP Calculus Online system (required – includes BOTH digital Textbook and online
homework system)
 AP Calculus Hardcopy Textbook (NOT required)
 AP Calculus Solutions Manual (not required but recommended)
 Fast Track to a Five course book (not required but recommended)

1. Please call National Geographic Learning | Cengage at (888) 915-3276 to place your
order. The student (or parent) will need
o Case ID #06595295
o Credit card for payment
o Information on item(s) you would like for them to purchase
o Email address (for order confirmation/receipt, and code delivery for digital items)
o Shipping address (for print book)

2. The student (or parent) will receive an order confirmation email and their order will be
shipped (if ordering a print book) or code will be emailed with instructions on how to
access the digital product* (if purchasing digital resources).
* The 1-year period for WebAssign begins when the student activates the code.

The following supplies are needed on the first day of school
 Binder (1 1⁄2 - 2 inch)
 Graphing Calculator (TI-84 or higher – the TI Nspire CX CAS is allowed on the AP
*Graphing calculator is REQUIRED for the AP Calculus Exam*
 Notebook paper
 Pencils
 Erasers
 Expo Markers

Have a Great Summer!
Mrs. Harris
[email protected]
Remind for Text Messages: @h2022bc

Welcome to AP Environmental Science

Summer homework is due on the 1st day of school in August 2022.

AP Environmental ScienceYou must buy the following book before you can complete the summer assignment.

Environmental Science for AP, second edition
Authored by Andrew Friedland and Rick Relyea.
Published by W.H Freeman and Company, 2015

Amazon is a great place to purchase this book.

1. Read chapters 1 and 2 in the textbook. We will have a test on chapters 1, 2, and the summer math homework on the Monday after we return from Summer Break.

2. Complete the Summer Math work (14 questions) in the attachment:
APES Summer Math Assignment

3. Watch these 3 dimensional analysis and metric system videos: (no talk, just sick beats!)

Liz Caswell (LC)
Legend High School Science Teacher
[email protected]

Welcome to the English Departments' Summer Assignments

Please download the following PDFs for the complete list of reading assignments by course.



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