Concurrent Enrollment Courses Offered

Concurrent Enrollment at Legend High School

  • Concurrent enrollment classes benefit students by increasing the flexibility of academic options, increasing the ease of access to college coursework, and preparing students for a better transition into college.

  • These are college classes taught by LHS and DCSD high school teachers who meet current college faculty guidelines.

  • Tuition is paid by DCSD, but students pay textbook and/or course fees. This helps lower the cost of college.

  • LHS concurrent enrollment classes are run through Arapahoe Community College and are listed as "ACC" on the student registration forms.

  • Students must complete all enrollment steps, including applying to ACC, completing a CE Enrollment Form, and meeting all prerequisites by the deadlines.

  • Many of these courses lead to either an associate's degree (AA) or certification in a specific industry, and several have guaranteed transferability (GT) to any 2- or 4-year college/institution in Colorado with a passing grade of C or better.

Legend Concurrent Enrollment Course Offerings

BUS 115 Introduction to Business
CAD 224 Revit Architecture
CAD 225 Solidworks
CAD 264 3D Scanning and Modeling (4 credits)
CAD 262 Additive Manufacturing
CRJ 110 Intro to Criminal Justice
CRJ 145 Correctional Processes
CRJ 230 Criminology
CSC 119 Intro to Programming
ENG 121 English Composition 1-GT
ENG 122 English Composition 2-GT
HIS 101: World Civilizations Antiquity-1650-GT
HIS 102: World Civilizations 1650-present-GT
HIS 155: The Middle Ages
MAR 155 Social Media Business
MAR 216 Principles in Marketing

MAT 121 College Algebra-CT (4 credits)
MAT 122 College Trig-GT
MAT 201 Calculus I - GT (5 credits)
MAT 204 Calculus III with Engineering Applications - GT (5 credits)
MAT 261 Differential Equations with Engineering Applications - GT (4 credits)
MGD 101 Intro to Computer Graphics
MGD 102 Intro to Multimedia
MGD 111 Adobe Photoshop I
MGD 112 Adobe Illustrator I
MGD 114 Adobe InDesign
MGD 141 Web Design I
MGD 143 Motion Graphic Design I
MGD 153 3D Animation I
MGD 164 Digital Video Editing

All classes earn 3.0 college credits through Arapahoe Community College, unless otherwise noted.
A GT "guaranteed transfer" course is one that is universally transferrable among all Colorado public institutions of higher education.

Concurrent Enrollment Courses Offered
at Legend High School

Expectations and Information
to receive credit from Arapahoe Community College

Course Name Course Prerequisite Credits Earned Estimated Course Fee
ACC-ENG 121 English Comp I Teacher Signature 3 None
ACC-ENG 122 English Comp II C or better in English 121 3 None
ACC-MGD 114 Adobe InDesign None 3 $35
ACC-MGD 102 Intro Multimedia None 3 $35
ACC-MGD 111 Photoshop CE MGD 112 Illustrator 3 $40
ACC-MGD 101 Intro to Graphic Design None  3 $35
ACC-MGD 112 Illustrator None 3 $40
ACC-BUS 115 Intro/Business None $30 and ACC textbook
ACC-MAR 155 Social Media Bus None 3 $30 and ACC textbook
ACC-HIS 101 Western Civilization Antiquity-1650 None 3 None
ACC-HIS 102 Western Civilization 1650 - present None 3 None
ACC-MAR 216 Principles of Marketing None 3 $30 and ACC textbook
ACC-MGD 141 Web Design I None 3 $35
ACC-MGD 143 Motion Graphic Design None 3 $35
ACC-MGD 153 3D Animation None 3 $35
ACC-MGD 164 Digital Video Edit None  3 $35
ACC-CRJ 110 Policing Systems ACC Prerequisites $30 
ACC-CAD 255 Solidworks/Mechanical None 3 $35
ACC-CSC 119 Intro/Programming None 3 None
ACC-HPR Intro to Health Care None 2 $30
ACC-MAT 122 College Trig C or better in MAT 121,
ACC Prerequisites
 4 TI-83/84 calculator, 
ACC textbook
ACC-MAT 201 Calculus I C or better in MAT 122,
ACC Prerequisites
5 TI-83/94 calculator,
ACC textbook
ACC-MAT 121 College Algebra ACC Prerequisites 4 TI-83/84 calculator,
ACC textbook
ACC-CRJ 230 Criminology ACC Prerequisites 3 $30
ACC-MGD 164 Digital Video Edit None 3 $35
ACC-CRJ 125 Policing Systems ACC Prerequisites 3 $30
ACC-CRJ 145 Correctional Processess ACC Prerequisites 3 $30
CAD 224 Revit Architecture None 3 $35
ACC-HPR 178 Medical Terminology None 3 $30
ACC-HIS 255 The Middle Ages ACC Prerequisites 3 None
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