How to Apply with ACC

Arapahoe Community College

How to Apply to Arapahoe Community College
Quick Application Guide

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STEP 1: Create an Account

Parents and Guardians! Be sure to complete these steps with your student.

Note: If you already have an ACC Student ID Number (S number), no need to re-apply.
To find your S Number go to > Click "myACC" > Select "Lost Student Number"

Follow these steps to create an account:

  1. Go to
    Navigate to the "Future Students" area about halfway down the page
    Click on "Apply"

  2. Create an account by selecting "Not registered yet? Create an account."

  3. Enter your full legal first name and last name.
    Fields with a red astrisk (*) are required.

  4. Enter your mobile phone number.

  5. Enter your date of birth.

  6. Enter your email address.
    Please do not use a parent, sibling or family email address for this entry.

  7. When do you want to start attending college?
    Fall or Spring of the appropriate year (ex: Spring 2022)

  8. Finish your profile by providing a password and a password recover question.
    Click Create Account.

STEP 2: Verify Your New Account

  1. Log into the email at you provided to create your account.
    Find email from an Arapahoe Community College Admissions staff member (ex:
    Didn't receive an email? Check your Spam Folder as Gmail email goes directly to spam.

  2. Within the email, click on the "Confirm Now" link.
    Do NOT click on any Google auto-generated acceptance buttons as they will not work.

  3. Your account is now activated and verified.

  4. Log In. You may need to refresh your browser.

Step 3: Apply to Arapahoe Community College

    1. In "Next Steps", click "Start and Application"

    2. Select and application to complete (ex: Spring 2022)
      Select "Complete Selected Application"

    3. Fill out the seven (7) required sections of information
      Be sure to "Save and Continue" and fill out the remaining information required.

    • Contact Information:

      • Your information should be auto-populated except for mailing information

    • Academic Plans:

      • What is your current goal for community college?
        Take college courses while I'm still in high school

      • Which campus do you want to attend?
        Choose ACC Littleton Campus even if you attend at your high school

      • What academic area do you plan to study?
        Select a program of interest. This can be changed later.

    • High School Information

      • Enter the School Name

      • Enter Country and City > Click Search

        • Under results found
          Choose your high school and select it
          DO NOT type anything in the "Unlisted School Name and Address" box
        • Have you or will you earn a high school diploma or high school equivalency?
        • Month you earned or anticipate earning your diploma or high school equivalency?
          Select a month.
        • Year you earned or anticipate earning your diploma or high school equivalency?
          Select year.

      • Student Type

        • Are you a student at another college and will only attend as a visiting summer student?
        • Did/will you graduate or earn a high school equivalency before you plan to begin classes?
          No, I am a current high school student who will not graduate prior to the semester for which I am applying (aka concurrent enrollment student).
        • Save and Continue

      • Citizenship Status > Enter citizenship information
        U.S. Citizens: Your Social Security Number is Required
        (Please do NOT use a Parent's Social Security Number)
        U.S. Citizenship is not required to apply

      • In-State Classification

        • Do not change the pre-calculated option of Under 23
        • Have you attended a Colorado High School for three years and been admitted or will be admitted to a Colorado higher education institution within 12 months of your graduation/GED completion?
          Select appropriate answer.

      • Military Status

        • Select a Military status or you may leave blank.

      • Gender/Selective Service

        • Select an answer.

      • Ethnicity

        • Select an answer or you may leave blank.

      • Race Selection

        • Select an answer or you may leave blank.

      • Supplemental Information

        • Answer the provided questions in the application or you may leave blank.
        • Save and Continue

      • College Opportunity Fund (COF)

        • Do you allow us to create a College Opportunity Fund Account?
          Yes, apply on my behalf.
          If you choose no and a school district is paying for your courses, you will be responsible to pay the full amount of the COF.

      • Certification

        • Do you certify the following?
          > Yes
        • Student Signature (Type your name).
        • Signature Date.


Applications are usually processed within three business days. Once your application has been processed, you'll receive an acceptance letter to the email address that you provided on your application.

Your acceptance letter will provide:

  • Your Student ID Number (S#); which will also display on your application account.

  • Your Student Email Address.

  • Information to help you navigate your way to success!

Make sure to submit a completed Concurrent Enrollment College Agreement form and satisfy all course prerequisites.

Welcome to ACC!

Need Help?

Tech Support:
Phone: 303.797.4222  or  1.888.800.9198
Email: [email protected]

ACC Concurrent Enrollment:
Email: [email protected]

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