Clubs Offered in 2021-22 SY
at Legend High School

Renewed clubs are highlighted in blue
New clubs are highlighted in orange

Club Name Meeting Time Meeting Location Frequency Email Cost Student Rep
Anime Club Tuesdays 3:15 - 4:00 PM D211 Weekly Matthew Solak $0 Crystal Reno
AVID Club Wednesdays 3:30 D204 / D205 Weekly Kate Vlchek $0 Zoe Everett
Board Game Club Tuesdays 3:30 - 5:00 PM Mobile 4 Weekly Jared White $0 Atanas Dimitrov
Calculus Club Fridays 3:15 PM Mobile 2 Weekly Joseph Hunt $0 P. Jasty
V. Balaji
C. Sams
Ceramics Club Tuesday 3:15-4pm  B100  Weekly Kalen Thornton  $10  Hailey Cotterman
Chinese Club Thursdays 3:10 - 4:00 PM D211 Weekly Matthew Solak $0 David LaPaglia
Chinese National Honor Society See CNHS Website D211 Monthly Matthew Solak $30 .
Computer Science Club Thursdays 3:15 - 4:00 PM E214 Weekly Derek Stasiak $0 Hayden Lummus
Crochet & Knit Club Mondays - both lunches A 201-D Weekly Alyssa McCollum $0 Lillian Granley
DECA See DECA website D110 Monthly Ricardo Ramos $30 .
Entomology Club Wednesdays 3:10 PM E217 Weekly Brian Duchemin $0 Josiah Kilburn
Environmental Club Thursdays 7:50 AM F202 Bi-weekly Liz Kirkpatrick $0 Emily Reed
Nandhana Vivek
FBLA See FBLA website E202 Monthly Sean Farley $30 .
French Club Mondays 3:20 PM D212 Bi-monthly Emily Starnes $30 Natalie Krueger
Gender Sexuality Alliance Wednesdays 3:30 PM F205 Weekly Frank Deryck $0 Isabel Wolf
Here for You Wednesdays 7:50 - 8:20 AM F104 Weekly Tina Stroman $0 Ashley Johnson
Interact Club Thursdays 7:30 AM Library - back lab Bi-monthly Tamera Krause $0 Norah Dishong
LHS Bible Study Thursdays 7:30 - 8:30 AM E206 Weekly Dan Simington $0 Allison Hall
Life Skills Thursdays 3:20 - 4:20 PM F201 Weekly Spencer Peyton $0 Hannah Kubala
Ben Reichler
Medical Service Club Thursdays 3:30 PM Mobile 7 Weekly Kendra Gish $0 Nandhana Vivek
Mountain Bike Club Tues/Wed/Thurs in the Fall Ponderosa High School Weekly Rachael Nordstrom Prog Fee .
Mindfulness & Yoga Club Wednesdays 7:55 AM Wrestling Room Weekly Lindsay McBride $0 Jaden Sherman
Model UN Mondays 3:10 PM Mobile 4 Bi-weekly Jared White $0 Sophie Whitehead
Mu Alpha Theta Fridays 3:15 PM Mobile 2 Monthly Joseph Hunt $30 .
National Arts Honors Society See NAHS website B104 Monthly Hayley Levary $30 .
National Honors Society 1st Fridays 7:25 AM LHS Theatre Monthly Rachael Stewart $30 .
National French Honors Society See FNHS website D104 Every other week Emily Starnes $30 .
National Technology Honors Society See NTHS website E204 Monthly Debbie Tawzer $30 .
Ping Pong Club Tuesday / Friday 3:15 PM D Pod Weekly Daniel DiPetro $0 Josh Hansen
Pottery Club 3:15 - 4:00 PM B100 Weekly Kalen Thornton $0 Hailey Cotterman
Science National Honor Society See website E215 Monthly Nick Ciarvella $30 .
SHINE TBD D203 Monthly Staci Batterson $0 .
Sign Language Mondays 3:15 PM D208 Weekly Janet Varner Pickles $0 Megan DeDen
Social Justice & Activism Tuesdays 3:30 - 4:30 PM F200 Weekly Megan Gray $0 Earl Ilano
Sources of Strength  Tuesdays 3:30 PM F211 2X Monthly Katy Nichols
Brooke West
$0 Keenan Griffin
Spanish Club  Thursdays 3:20 PM D104 Every other Thursday Aisha Hayward $0 .
Spanish National Honor Society See website Theatre Monthly Jennifer Walsh
Aisha Hayward
Speech & Debate Club Tuesdays 3:15 PM Mobile 4 Weekly Jared White $50 Hallie Daspit
Tri-M Music Honor Society See Tri website A200 Monthly Phillip Hatton $30 .
TSA (Technology Student Association) See TSA website E209 Check website Debbie Tawzer  $50 .
Volunteer Club Mondays 3:20 PM E220 Weekly Elisabeth Ross $0 Clara Phillips
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