Graduation Info.

Graduation Information

Class of 2023 Graduates and Families:

We are currently slated to start graduation at 10:00am.  In collaboration with the district, the Legend team has been monitoring the fast moving storm we are experiencing which may alter our start time!  We are considering all factors in our decision, while focused on the safety and comfort of all participants.  We recognize that any decision has an impact, but feel the need to do what we can to create the best environment for the Class of 2023 graduates.  EchoPark Stadium is available for Legend's graduation all day on Friday, May 19th.  We are determined to find a great window throughout the day to hold our graduation.  We will make a final decision on the Class of 2023 Graduation start time in the morning and communicate that by 7:00am on the front page of the Legend webpage.

Graduation Reminders:

Graduation seating maps are posted below.  Families will be able to find their student's name to see what section they are seated in which will help families determine where to sit in the stadium.

Graduation is livestreamed for those who want to enjoy a different view from home or another state.  The livestream link is located here and on the District and Legend websites.

Parking is available at EchoPark Stadium as well as Double Angel Ball Fields and the LDS Church on Newlin Gulch Boulevard.  Please avoid parking in the neighborhoods around the stadium.

We ask that students dress appropriately for the weather while keeping in mind the Code of Conduct dress code.  The graduation gown should be large enough to cover any extra clothing needed.  

Graduation Seating Information

Below is a map of the seating arrangement at Echo Park Stadium.

Students seated in the Gold and Navy sections will face the Home side when receiving their diplomas. 
Guests of these students will want to sit on the Home side of the stadium.

Students seated in the Orange and Royal sections will face the Visitors side when receiving their diplomas. 
Guests of these students will want to sit on the Visitor side of the stadium.


To find out what section you/your student is sitting in click here.  
Note:  The easiest way to find the name is to use CTRL/CMD - F; a search bar will appear and you can type in the students name.

Graduation Names

Students when you arrive at graduation, if you think your name might be mispronounced or you want your name said a certain way, please find your faculty reader and go over the pronunciation with them. (Typically we do this during rehearsal.)

Royal names read by - Zoe Mihalicz
Gold names read by - Kate Vlchek
Orange names read by - Jesse VanDivier
Navy names read by - Rob Doyle

Graduation Processional and Diploma Process

Below are diagrams of the graduation processional and diploma process.  To view the live stream of a previous graduation for reference please click here. (Processional at about 15:00 and diplomas about 1:20:00)






   graduation   graduation



All seniors who plan to participate in the graduation ceremony MUST attend graduation rehearsal—no exceptions! Seniors must be in attendance for the duration of the rehearsal. All seniors must be at EchoPark Stadium in Parker by 1:30pm and sitting in their assigned seat. Please dress accordingly for the weather (i.e. sunscreen, hat, shorts, water)  It is casual!
  We expect to be done with rehearsal by 3:00pm.  


Senior Honors Convocation is an evening to recognize members of the Class of 2023 for academic achievement.  All seniors who will be recognized during the evening will receive an invitation to attend and are to meet at Southeast Christian Church at
5:45pm. This invitation will come in early May.  Dress code for the evening is a white long-sleeve dress shirt with a blue or dark tie, khaki colored slacks or pants, dark colored dress shoes and dark socks for males.  Females will wear dresses or skirts that do not hang below their gown.  If females wear pants, they need to be full length and khaki color.  This is the same dress code as graduation.  Over their clothes, Seniors who are being honored are to wear their graduation gown, which they will receive at the senior checkout.  Please do not bring your graduation cap.   

 STADIUM, 10:00am

Graduating seniors are to be dressed appropriately (as outlined in the Code of Conduct Agreement) in their cap and gown and are to be at EchoPark Stadium between 9:00am-9:15 am Friday morning. Only the stoles and cords provided by Legend will be allowed to be worn by the graduates.  Any other personal embellishment will be taken and held for students to pick up after the ceremony.  Seniors are to leave cell phones, purses, sunglasses, and any other items at home or with family members. 

Once a senior enters EchoPark Stadium, the Code of Conduct Agreement is in effect and remains in effect until the senior has been issued their diploma.

Gates will open by 9:00am for open seating at EchoPark Stadium in Parker.  Seating is on a first come, first served basis as there is no reserved seating.  Handicapped seating is available on both sides of the stadium.  Handicapped parking is available at 2 of the 3 entrances for graduation and will be outlined in a map on our website at a later time.  At graduation rehearsal, each student will know which side they are entering from, sitting on, and which podium their name is being read from. Please ask your student this information after rehearsal so you can be sure to see them as much as possible during the ceremony. Both sides of the stadium will be used for seating and for presenting to.  We will also post a seating map on our Graduation website after rehearsal.

Pictures of the graduates will be taken. They will be taking formal pictures at the stadium as the graduates are in line for graduation check-in.  The pictures are available for purchase by the photo company with more information to follow.  There is no video available of graduation. Graduations will be streamed live via the Douglas County School District Communications Department.  The link will be provided on the Legend website when it becomes available.

Immediately following the ceremony, graduates are escorted to an area on the track to pick up their official diploma. This process takes approximately 10 minutes.  During this time, we ask that all family members remain in the stands to allow students to receive their actual diploma.  Legend staff members will invite you to the field or track area after 10 minutes.  We appreciate in advance your kindness, consideration, and patience on this day.  

We anticipate the ceremony to be approximately 2 hours for your planning purposes.  In the event of inclement weather, the ceremony may be delayed, yet still performed at the stadium.  The Legend website will be the avenue for communication regarding a change of venue and/or a delayed start time for graduation at the stadium.  Our make up date for graduation would be Saturday, May 20th if needed or we could potentially go into the next week if necessary.  

If you have questions, need clarification, or need more information about graduation please contact Mrs. Farley, at 303-387-4534 or [email protected].



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