If you are still in need of a parking pass please see Mrs. Taylor in the Main Office to have your name put on the waiting list.

2018-2019 Parking Letter
The following letter was sent to parents via School Messenger on June 26th.  Please read it for more detailed information regarding the parking permit process for the upcoming school year.  Please click HERE to access.  
Who can purchase a parking permit at LHS?  
Due to our current student enrollment, senior and junior students will have the opportunity to purchase a LHS parking permit for the 2018-2019 school year starting on designated online purchase dates.  

What day can I register and purchase a permit? 
July 9th for seniors and July 19th for juniors and seniors.  The cost is $50.00.  If juniors purchase before July 19th, they will lose their opportunity to purchase until the 1st day of school.  

What must I provide to pick up my parking permit? 
To pick up a permit, students/parents must provide proof of purchase, a COPY of their driver's license, and a COPY of their insurance.  If students/parents cannot pick up permit on August 1st, students can pick it up during Late Check-in on August 9th  or see SECURITY on August 10th to pick up permit.  

Are there any other stipulations for picking up my permit?  
Students must have all outstanding fees/fines in their Infinite Campus account paid in full prior to receiving a parking permit.  If there are any outstanding fees/fines, you will NOT be given a permit.  

What should I do if I don't have my license but will get it during the school year? 
To accommodate as many driver’s as possible and to alleviate as many cars parking in the neighborhoods as possible, students CANNOT purchase a permit unless they have obtained their driver’s license.  Once they have their license, they can check RevTrak to see if permits are available.

I'm a sophomore, can I park at Legend? 
Sophomore students will not be allowed to purchase a permit at any time during the school year due to limited spaces and the current enrollment at Legend and cannot park on school property.  Sophomore students will earn a monetary fine and school consequence if they park on campus.   

When will the school begin monitoring the parking lots for permits? 
Students must have a valid LHS parking permit displayed on their vehicle by Wednesday, August 15
th.  Any vehicle that is parked in the parking lot after that date without a valid permit will be issued a parking violation.  NO warning tickets will be issued.  Any parking violation will result in a monetary fine, disciplinary action, or suspension/loss of parking permit for the remainder of the school year at the discretion of the LHS Administration with no refund.

What do I do if I receive a parking ticket and fine? 
Students have 2 weeks to discuss the parking ticket with Security and/or pay the fine with the Finance Office.  If students do not discuss the ticket with Security within those 2 weeks, they will not even consider dismissing the ticket. If a student does not pay the fine within those 2 weeks, they will lose their privilege to park on campus until the fine is paid.  

What could happen if I receive 3 or more parking tickets? 
Students who receive 3 parking tickets, will lose their permit for 1 week; 4 parking tickets = loss for month; 5 parking tickets = loss of permit for year.  The cost of the permit will not be refunded if permit is revoked because of excess parking tickets.  

Can I give or sell my parking pass to another sibling, friend, or other student
No, parking permits are not transferable to other students.  If this occurs, the permit will be confiscated and cannot be used by either party.   

What happens if I allow another student to duplicate my permit?  
The permit(s) will be confiscated and neither student will have the opportunity to have a permit for the remainder of the year.  

Please contact Mike Ackerman, Assistant Principal, with any questions about Parking at