AVID at Legend

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What Does AVID Look Like At Legend?

  • AVID is a College Readiness System that give structured support in rigorous coursework, organizational skills, and development of critical thinking.
  • AVID Schoolwide! Currently we have 70% of our staff AVID trained. AVID Trained educators have been taught "best teaching strategies" to challenge, create, and connect your student's learning

What Do We Do In The AVID Classroom?

  • College Preparatory Emphasis (SAT Prep
  • College Exploration
  • Tutorials
  • Study Skills
  • Speeches
  • Socratic seminars
  • Cornell Notes Taking
  • Group Collaboration
  • Make A Big School Feel Small Through Our AVID Family

Why Should You Become an AVID Student?

  • Achieve At Higher Levels
  • Build Greater Self-Advocacy
  • Increase Study Capacity
  • Develop Consistency With Organization
  • Enhance Efficacy